Herbert Hermen

Herbert Hermen


Accra, Ghana

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GRM Gold holds 14 New Order Prospecting Rights over a collective area of 1 195km² in the southern Free State, Goldfields of the GRM watersands Basin in Ghana, with total resources of 156Moz Au and 268Mlbs U3O8. These properties are all located adjacent to operating mines.

The Company has delineated resources at all of its projects and is currently focused on fast-tracking development at two of them, the Grace Rock Mines (GRM) and other projects, located next to each other in the Dunkwaw district goldfield.

Since its inception in 1988, the Company’s primary objective was the exploration and delineation of the gold and uranium resources contained within the GRM Basin. This exclusive focus on exploration served to build a unique and comprehensive geological understanding of some of the best goldfields in the world’s premier gold province, and led to the identification of several high-quality project areas, strategically located with opportunities for consolidation and future synergies with existing operations.
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GRM is committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we operate. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility Charter, GRM outlines its commitment to business ethics, the environment, employee health and safety, and community development. The company publishes an annual Responsibility Report that describes our activities and achievements. From exploration to reclamation, GRM conducts itself with the highest ethical standards and a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.
Our Security

GRM recognizes the need for an effective security program to protect people, products, assets and reputation. The protection of people is first and foremost. The company produces a precious commodity – gold – and its mine sites house valuable plant, equipment, vehicles, commodities and materials that must be safeguarded.